Exposé d’un ancient agent du MI5 sur le ‘hacking russe’

Nous vous signalons cette conférence par Annie Machon qui nous semble intéressante, ayant lieu le 29 août à Londres:

LDN Talks @ Night: with former MI5 whistleblower and author Annie Machon.

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump’s election as US President has certainly put a ginger tom cat amongst the elite American pigeons.

The push-back from the American establishment began as soon as he became the Republican nominee and has increased pace over the last year.

The designated villain-in-chief: Russia.

Wild claims of « Russia hacking the elections » have become established, if evidence-lite, fact. Are they true? If not, why and how are they being made, and what is the motivation behind the allegations?

Using her experience as a former British intelligence officer as well as her current work with notable CIA, NSA and FBI whistleblowers, Machon will attempt to unravel this modern Gordion knot.



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